Bitmoji For Your Classroom

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Learn how to create a bitmoji for your virtual classroom! Get tips on how to leverage your bitmoji to connect with your students.

  • Date: 08/27/2020 06:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event

Price: $15


Educator's around the world & their students are adjusting to a new way of learning and technology is allowing teachers a chance to create a welcoming environment through their virtual classroom. Now, through bitmojis, you can have a visual representation of yourself in the classroom, creating a sense of familiarity & connection for your students.

This tutorial will be led by Kenton Jackson, founder of the Strive School of Music. Because he is also the computer science teacher for his local school district, he discovered his colleagues were seeking help with things like Microsoft Teams & creating virtual classrooms. Being an educator & a team player, Mr. Jackson eagerly hosts these tutorials in an effort to empower a fellow educator.

Strive School of Music is more than just piano & guitar lessons. From the annual Strive Summer Camp to Strive's After-School Program, Mr. Jackson had a vision that Strive would uplift & encourage children through many facets. Now, in the midst of a pandemic and shift in education, we have launched the Strive T.A.C. Initiative. The Strive Tutorial Academic Center will be an outlet for parents who need an environment for their children that is conducive to learning, yet is also as safe as reasonably possible in regards to covid-19 awareness. All proceeds of these tutorial webinars are funding the Strive T.A.C. Initiative. This includes expanding into a larger space to accommodate social distancing and scholarships for students.